Nobody cares about my images....

Well I do and my wife likes quite a few of them and maybe a few other people too so thats ok.

The important thing is that I like them and I am taking photos for my own pleasure.

Photography to me is kind of therapeutic as soon as the camera bag is strapped on every other thought melts away and the eyes and brain are totally focused on the imaginary shot, where is it, whats the best position, which lens and do I need filters. So does it matter that my images aren't brilliant works of not when I am the one to satisfy and the sole arbiter of do I edit or do I delete.

I look back on my photos and I know where and when everyone of them was taken, they all contain memories of the drive there, where I took them, who was or wasn't with me. The editing process is also part of the journey and the joy of what will be revealed, often details that are purposefully shot or accidentally found.

So the conclusion is keep shooting and travelling and editing and be continued.