Travel and shooting on the run.

Travel they say 'broadens the mind' thats certainly true and myself and my wife have been fortunate enough to do a bit of it, but for the photographer it also fills the SD card...

The photographers eye is constantly looking for images via angles, shadows and light but when travelling with your spouse we are both there to take in the fact that we are seeing another country for the first time and want to absorb as much of as we can, so.. you have to take photos when the opportunity arises.

Does that make your shots any less of an impact or less enjoyable? I don't think so, what travel/holiday shooting does do is make you more inventive, you have to deal with harsher light, tourists, time restraint and not being able to set the tripod up and wait for the perfect moment.

So all in all embrace the travel/holiday shooting I think it will probably make you a better photographer..and maybe with some isolating shots you can pretend to be a traveller or an adventurer...enjoy your holiday or adventure ...


Camera strap fix

I like my Lucky Straps, Aussie made and I think they compliment my cameras however getting the strap off is a bit convoluted so...

I have wanted a solution to remove my camera strap when its on the tripod without spending money on a fancy new strap.

I bought these guys Microlock S-Biner $6.00 AU for two, they securely snap on to my strap and are easily attached and removed and because they have a 'lock' I can carry my camera with strap confidently. Problem solved!!


Mystery of the ‘next level’

I often see articles by photographers that state ‘if you learn this it will take your photography to the next level’. My questions are, what is the next level?, how do I know if I have achieved it?, how many levels are their? if I do your lessons will you give me the mysterious list of levels to judge my progress?

Now I’m all for gaining knowledge from photographers who are much more talented than me and are gracious enough to share their experience, the problem is if I do their lessons yet another photographer also wants me to achieve level nirvana with him or her it seems like ‘the next level is always going to be around the next corner...

How did Henri Cartier Bresson or Ansel Adams ever get to where they were without the mystical knowledge of ‘the next level’ maybe they were just good or maybe they practiced a lot.. perhaps not being in the age of the internet simply let their talent shine! 

So alI in all ignorance is bliss when it comes to the ‘next level’...

IMG_1134 (1).jpg

Print your photos.

I love printing my photos , their is something about holding the print and looking at the fine detail and feeling the texture, its something that the monitor can't reproduce.

In the old days of film most of the photos are of family including dogs and holidays and we would wait for days to see the final 6 x 4 prints from the local printer. It was exciting to have those prints in the hand and then to look at the completed photo albums that my wife would skilfully put together complete with captions, they are today some of our most prized possessions and would be first out the door in the event of a fire! There would be many trips as their are a lot of albums!

I have recently upgraded my printer to the fabulous Epson SPC P800 it is capable of printing up to A2. I use Ilford Galerie Prestige paper Smooth Pearl. I have also printer in Japanes hand made papers and also some wonderful Canson Rag papers, the printer handles them beautifully combined with LightRoom for editing.

So my point is don't leave your photos in the computer hard drive, pick some favourites and print!


Lerwick Harbour, Shetland Islands, Scotland.  Printed on Canson Arches Velin Museum Rag

Lerwick Harbour, Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Printed on Canson Arches Velin Museum Rag

Nobody cares about my images....

Well I do and my wife likes quite a few of them and maybe a few other people too so thats ok.

The important thing is that I like them and I am taking photos for my own pleasure.

Photography to me is kind of therapeutic as soon as the camera bag is strapped on every other thought melts away and the eyes and brain are totally focused on the imaginary shot, where is it, whats the best position, which lens and do I need filters. So does it matter that my images aren't brilliant works of not when I am the one to satisfy and the sole arbiter of do I edit or do I delete.

I look back on my photos and I know where and when everyone of them was taken, they all contain memories of the drive there, where I took them, who was or wasn't with me. The editing process is also part of the journey and the joy of what will be revealed, often details that are purposefully shot or accidentally found.

So the conclusion is keep shooting and travelling and editing and be continued.

My Gear

After having larger DSLR cameras I have 'downsized' to the wonderful Olympus OMD em1 cameras. In 2015 I bought the OMD EM1, MZuiko ƒ2.8 12-40 PRO lens and the  Mzuiko ƒ2.8 40-150 PRO lens, this camera and the pro lens are a joy to use.

 I later bought the ƒ2.8 7-14 PRO lens and the 17mm ƒ1.8 lens and after having 8 lens with my old larger kit I am completely satisfied with the quality and range of these 4 lenses.

Of course then Olympus brought out the newer OMD EM1 MK2 and now that is in the bag with the MK1.

When travelling the keeper rate of images with the Olympus gear is incredible, fast to focus, sharp images and lightweight as well.

My main bag is the Mindshift Trailscape 18LT a good compromise not too big not too small!

My tripod is the MeFoto Travel Tripod, small, sturdy, tough, ball head. I hate large tripods!

Lee filters also are in the bag, ND's, Big and Little stoppers and polariser all stored safely in the Mindset Filter Hive

The might Ricoh GR slips in there too, can't forget the best street camera.