John Walker

Just another man with a camera looking for the next shot.

“living in a small coastal town means the sea and landscapes are the preferred subjects when the city is far away”

'Street photography is a growing passion the smaller camera and the Ricoh GR are perfect for this genre of photography'

“replacing the heavy and large DSLR for the wonderful Olympus EM-1 & EM-1 Mk2 and their PRO line of lenses with various LEE filters has opened up a new appreciation of photography and the simplicity of light weight and superb image quality”

oh yeah and now I have the MAVIC PRO Drone for Aerial Photography, landscapes, Architectural and documenting progress on construction sites


This photo of 'Miranda Fair' has been selected as a semi finalist for Australias richest photography prize, The 2016 Moran Contemporary Photography Prize (my only claim to  almost fame ;) )

for prints and info contact: jwimages @ icloud.com